Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vegan Roulette

I am playing Russian Roulette, vegan style. It occurs in this manner: your humble narrator gets hungry while running the rat-race. Obviously, I didn't prepare a lunch this morning, because that never happens. Another thing that I haven't gotten around to is cataloging and reducing to a pocket-sized list all of the vegan options at all of the various eateries that I might encounter as I forage for food in my urban environment. As the chamber spins, I walk into Einstein Brothers and order a bagel with hummus.

I guess I could have asked the proprietor, but really? Excuse me Mr. counter-clerk, I'm a pain in the ass. Are your bagels vegan? You don't know? Can you find someone who does? Sure, I'll wait over here while you help the three people behind me.

Was I prepared to walk if he'd said no or I don't know? I mean, I was hungry and I had already passed on about six places and decided this was my best bet...and I did not have all day.

I learned approximately 24 hours later (after a few minutes on the internet) that the chamber was empty. Same thing happened today when I ate a peanut butter sandwich and immediately panicked because I did not know what it takes to make rye bread. Turns out I dodged another bullet.

Tonight: a huge plate of vegetable fried rice from my own kitchen. Completely vegan. Completely anxiety free. Way better than a bagel with hummus.

As I see it, I have three options: stay in my house, start asking, or accept the risk. I'm gonna need some time on this.

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